About Our Tech Experts

GW Brown

Our Experience

Co-Owner GW Brown, has lived in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, or Henderson for 15 years, he received his first hand-me-down PC 25 years ago and promptly broke it. Since there was nobody else around to fix it his life of computer repair started. He continued honing his skills through the next few years until he joined the US Army where he learned Networking and Wireless Communications. In the near 20 years after he has worked in every area of IT there is and spent many of those years getting formal training from a variety of technical schools, not to mention the most important school of all, the School Of Hard Knocks, becoming one of the true IT experts

Co-Owner Sarah White, Has Lived in Las Vegas for 6 years and received her first certifications 15 years ago and worked as one of the company's tech experts and the only software beta tester, finding ways to break new software then offering suggestions on how to fix the issues. While she concentrates more on the business side of things, she is a technical power house in her own rights, with a near superhuman ability to interpret end-user needs.

Sarah White

Our Customized Approach

Our numerous services are designed to find where our tech experts will be the most help. After our IT Experts complete the initial consultations, you will be presented with several options to correct the issues or gaps that are found and may include options that lie beyond our standard services if we feel it would best meet your needs. Computer repair isn't all we do At WhiteDrgn IT Services, and we pride ourselves on truly wanting to help our Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson clients FIRST.


Why Us?

We are a Veteran and Woman-Owned company local to Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson. Our Tech Experts have a passion for helping people more then squeezing every cent from those we are trying to help. Our philosophy is if our IT Experts truly help you for a fair price, not only will you use us again in the future but you won't hesitate to tell your friends and other business associates about WhiteDrgn IT Services.