Teaching Kids to be Safe on the Net

Community Project- Children's Internet Safety Class

Children's Internet Safety Seminar

     WhiteDrgn IT Services is proud to offer a FREE Children's Internet Safety Seminar to our neighbors in North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Las Vegas. Our vision is to teach kids how to be safe while using all of the wonderful technology we all have at our fingertips. From mobile phones to Gaming consoles our children are more connected to great wide world then ever before. and while this is an amazing thing that brings with it untold opportunity for them, it also brings untold danger and challenges to keep our kids safe. While WhiteDrgn IT Services has several classes that we offer, including other children's classes, we feel so strongly about this (Both owners are parents) that we spend our own time and money for this children's class 

     While the danger in this world can make even the most stall-worth parent nervous, its amazing what a little knowledge can do.  We will tech the kids why we all have fictitious usernames, the importance of staying anonymous, what information is important to keep secret and what information is safe to share. 

     During this Seminar we will also have a workshop for the parents, where we will go over tips and strategies to keep your children safe, what signs to look for in case your children do become targets of online predictors, and in general strategies on keeping engaged with your children so they know they can come to you if the think anything is fishy. 

How We Pay For It

WhiteDrgn IT Services puts a portion of our profits into paying for these Seminars. We also seek funding from grants and have a Crowdfunding page for Donations. Please click the box below if your interested in helping us put on more of these Seminars